Jawa Pos Cycling Bromo 100 KM 2016

Always Beautiful, Always Challenging

Jawa Pos Cycling Bromo 100 KM is an annual climbing cycling challenge organized by the Jawa Pos newspaper in East Java, Indonesia. The ride is started in Surabaya, the capital of East Java province and the second biggest city in Indonesia, continuing to the city of Pasuruan. After the flat 60 kilometer trip, participants then climb up all the way to Wonokitri, a small village in the vicinity of Mount Bromo, an active volcano and East Java's most favorite tourist destination.
At the finish, participants reached the highest elevation point of 2,000 meter, after conquering a long steady climb with 16 % maximum grade near the top. The 100 kilometer event is accomplished in 5 to 6 hours, after which participants could enjoyed the beauty and magic of Mount Bromo. For 2016 edition, a new competitive part is added to the event. A King of the Mountain (KOM) Challenge for the top 15 km of the climb. Winners in different categories will be presented with victory medals and other prizes. (*)