Gran Fondo Jawa Pos east java 2015

The Best Cycling Event in Indonesia

Jawa Pos Cycling, a division under Indonesia's biggest newspaper, the Jawa Pos, have organized long distance and climbing cycling challenge since 2013. The events are now recognized by many as the best in the country, with the highest standard of service and execution.

For this year, Jawa Pos Cycling introduces the GRAN FONDO JAWA POS EAST JAVA, was held in 22-23 August 2015. The cycling challenge covered 330 km of riding, starting in Surabaya and finished at Telaga Sarangan, a spectacular mountain-top lake in the border of East Java and Central Java.

Along the way, participants visited East Java's major cities such as Mojokerto, Kediri, Nganjuk, and Madiun.

GRAN FONDO JAWA POS EAST JAVA 2015 was a non-competitive cycling event. However, there was a fun King of the Mountain (KOM) Race on the final climb to Telaga Sarangan for those who would like more challenge.

Since the event was held just a few days after Indonesia's Independence Day (17 August), Jawa Pos Cycling had prepared traditional fun games and ceremony for the participants in between rides. (*)

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